Vereinigte Zuender- und Kabelwerke

This firm is known to me as the maker of .22 rimfire cartridges in the second quarter of the twentieth century in Germany. I have found a German language source on the web that gives a short history of the firm without mentioning any specific products. Does “Zuender” in this case refer to blasting caps and the like? Were any other small arms ammunition products than .22 rimfire cartridges manufactured by VZ? Jack

Zuender (or Zunder with umlaut) is a general name for percussion caps, of whatever type ( “Zunder” actually means “Lightning”).
The derived name for Cartridge caps is "Zund-Hutchen) ie, lightning caps.

IN the early days, .22 RF cases were considered to be “Zunder”, as were all “Blasting caps” and other Initiators, using a Fulminate or later composition.

( Fulmina==Latin for “Lightning”).

I don’t know of other productioin by this firm, except that its name means “United Primer-cap and Cabel Works” ( ie, they worked with Copper, so would naturally be able to make Copper Blasting Caps.)

Doc AV

The funny thing is this firm had been around since Hector was a pup, but, it appears, only began producing the .22 rimfire stuff in the 1930s. The twenty-twos are well-enough known to collectors, but one does wonder is there more to be known. Thanks Doc. Jack

Hello Jack, production of .22 Long Rifle ammunition started in 1935 and lasted at least until 1944. I’m aware of red commercial boxes with the “Noion” priming trademark and also “Zielmunition” contract boxes dated between 1939 and 1944.

Fede: Thanks for the new (to me) information. I have a copper-cased round headstamped VZ which I added to the collection in the assumption is was a military training cartridge, and your information suggests that’s a reasonable assumption. Jack

Jack, you may be interested in this earlier thread:


Two more different boxes:

Fede: Thanks for the link and additional pics. I think of the various boxes depicted the one with the cathedral at Meissen appeals most to me. Jack

Fede, great boxes, thanks for showing.