Very Flares

Well, I lucked out and located 3 unopened tins of Very Flares and 1 opened one.

Here they are:

Opened tin of Green Mk II

Headstamp R.F. No. 10

Top of cartridge

Just beautiful! Great find indeed!


Nice! I’ve only ever seen cardboard boxes (not that I’ve seen much in Very flare packages).

Found some more 10ga Very Flares… and a couple of open boxes too…

Here are some of the headstamps:

Top covers:

Remington Covers:

WOW! I’m sooooo jealous. Great pics. Excellent find.

I apologize for my insufficient knowledge of English but what means “very” in relation to these cartridges?

E.W. Very was the inventor of the original pistol and flares for them, no different than a name like Dardick, Colt, Gerlich, etc.

SDC, thanks a lot for literally enligthening me. I allways wondered about.