Very GOOD WW1 Short Movie Showing Shrapnel Shell Production

Even if you have no interest in ordnance material watch this short movie for its historical value.

This appeared on BOCN (posted by MINENAZ16) and is a circa 1916 French short movie (appears to be digitally remastered) of the production of 76mm/3 inch(?) shrapnel shells & fuzes at Vickers Ltd. in England.

The movie demonstrates the huge human workforce, many of whom were women, required to supply the war effort. … 26017.html

For those who don’t know, when you go to the above web page and start the movie, click on the small rectangle at the bottom right corner of the little movie screen to set the movie in full screen viewing.


That is a great video. Thank you for posting this Brian!


Having picked up a lot of scrapnel balls on the battlefields and found them virtually undeformed by impact I have had to wonder how effective the design of the shells really were. Most of them appear to have gone off still pointing upwards showering the ground below with less than fatal showers of lead.

Actually, there are a bunch of great movies on that site. Thanks for sharing!

Loved this video, Brian! THX BIG TIME!

PS: Happy Holidays :-)