Very interessing czech ? site

i just find a very interessing site (Czech ?)

very good view of medium calibers
you must registered for see the ensemble ,but without you can even see very interessing pictures
PLEASE ,do no stole these pictures ,i just would share this incredible site


Very interesting, yes Czech text.
Layout similar to site in Spanish/English.
New site is a bit confusing, and still in conversion from Old site.
This Czech site separates Metric from Inch design cases.
Will have to (a) improve my Czech Comprehension ( mluvite czeski?)
And (b) Register on the site.
Doc AV

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yes old “” is very easy and clear
but the new is less easy to use

and a frequent error:they mostly identifying yellow shells(20 to 35mm) with red band as HE-T (normally yellow shells with red band are usually HEI)


@Sorcerer will be able to tell you more about the website.

A fantastic resource with some very rare cartridges!

-Edited to correct information

It’s not my own site, it’s the site of a Czech collectors club. There are several of us who make this page.

In any case, we welcome every visitor :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi. All comments about our pages ( manufacturer correction etc.) are welcome. We´ll be happy for any help to improve our pages. :slight_smile:


Dear All,
full possibility to use the site is charged (5 € or 5 $).
It is a one-time membership fee for the operation of the website and its maintenance.
It is now possible to pay via Pay Pal. For more questions or to get in touch for payment write to e-mail:
The first step is to register on our site and then write about the possibility of completing the process.

There may be errors on our site (no one is perfect) and if you find discrepancies or errors, write to us. This site is used by collectors for collectors. Our team is large and we work with colleagues from around the world. Also with our units like the army and police.



That is good news Roman !

I have used for several years and it is full of useful information.

I have attempted to complete registration but using PayPal will make it much easier and so will contact you shortly.


for Roman_Straka
there is a forum in your website ?
and it only in czech or we can speak in english ?

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Hello ammogun,
yes, we have a forum. 99% by czech language, but google translater is posible :wink:

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ok ,thank for your response