Very late 7.92x33 box


I got this box this weekend at the Show of Shows in Louisville. I wondered why it did not have a label and the person selling them told me that late German cartridge boxes did not have labels, but were impressed. This box has “naq” over “44” on the lid. Fifteen (15) not on stripper clips and dated 1945. Was what he told me correct? What does “naq” stand for?


That is the box maker code, nothing to do with the ammunition.


naq is the maker of the cardboard box: Graphische Kunstanstalt Karl Vogel, Leipzig. Graphische Kunstanstalt is a printing business that normaly handles high quality prints.
de is the maker of the case (and here, most probably also the cartridge): Hugo Schneider AG (HASAG), also at Leipzig.
The observed case lots (according to Dieter Kapell) are 1 through 4 of 1945 and most are packed in naq boxes.


Thank you very much Pete and JPeelen. What about the part about late boxes not having labels? Was that true? George


Indeed, according to the information collected by Dieter Kapell those 1945 boxes seem to lack labels. No ammunition or propellant lot information (as printed on the labels) is available.
But this was due to local circumstances in my view and by no means generally done. As you can see by the real identity of naq, the “but was impressed instead” part of the story is nonsense.


Dear JPeelen, thank you. I appreciate you help. George


this box is not made very late but in the end of 1944.The last known lot numbers until now is de -St 7 45.
Die 7,9mm Kurzpatrone Seite 406 407.pdf (593.4 KB)
Please open your box and you will find the number 7or 8 inside on the lip.
The last labeled box was wa 36 with the naq 44 code but without the numbers 1 up to 8 on the naq 44 and naq 45 boxes.
The question whether a box has a label or not was was clear.
All boxes rifle ammo paked in a Packhülse 88 and in a wooden crate must no longer have labels (Order of the Oberkommando des Heeres from 21.Nov.1944)
If the boxes have labels the were paked without Packhülse 88 (battlepack) .All information were printed on the wooden crate label and the Packhülse label.So you can find boxes without and with labels produced on the same day in the same factory.

Norbert Berg


Thank you very much. My box has a “6” on the inside lip. Of course could be a “9”, but oriented to the “naq” would make it a “6”. Thank you.