Very Old and Odd Pinfire Rifle Cartridge by Fabrique Gevelot


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This was made by Fabrique Gevelot sometime after, but probably pretty close to 1845.

What is the significance of the string/twain wrapped around the bullet?


This cartridge was loaded for the Swiss Trials of 1865-67.

Real bullet diameter is 10,90-11,00 mm and weights 23,7 grams.

The string wrap worked as a bullet patch.


Hi All,
Interesting cartridge.
Fede, does the cartridge have a name?



Different pinfire shotshells were shortened and loaded with various bullet types (mostly 10,4/10,5 mm Buholzer 1863) for the Swiss Trials of 1865-67. Some of these cartridges and their matching firearms were indentified but this is not the case because a lot of breech-loading rifles of 10,4 mm to 11 mm caliber were tried.

There are also similar cartridges with 48 mm case and cloth patched bullet and 50,50-51 mm case with pointed bullet.


Impresionante Fede !!!

BTW: Did you get your cartridge?
One was for the AACAM and the other for you.


Hello Martin. Yes, thank you very much. Great cartridge!!!


Thanks for that info Fede.

I would love to see drawing specifications or pictures of those other ones you mentioned if you have any!


There are too many variations to be posted and explained here bur here you have some:

10,4 mm Sauerbrey pistol, 1863. Rimless-grooveless 30 mm case. Headstamp S.B (Sellier & Bellot)

11 mm Unidentified experimental Rifle from 1867. 50,5-51 mm case. Headstamp FABRIQUE GEVELOT PARIS 12 MILLIM

17,5 mm Villiger Rifle, 1869. 38,5-38,7 mm case. Headstamp BRUYERES DE SÈVRES . PARIS . 14

Hope this helps.