Very old shotshells

Has somebody in his collection a paper shotshell from:
either Italian origin and manufactured before 1926
or German origin and manufactured before 1904

Hello jean pierre, I have got a very old Hubertus 16 ga shotshell with raised headstamp. I cannot date this shell myself but since it has a raised headstamp??
maybe you know when they stoped using raised headstamps. This shell has no printing on the casewall.
Regards rene p.

Hello Ren

Hi JP, I do not know wheter this shell is made by Selllier & Bellot or if it was made by somebody else. Hubertus is German, but being that early it is possible to be made by S & B. I have got no acces to my collection this week so I cannot make any pictures for you. sorry

Hi Ren

HI JP, the headstamp reads Hubertus, so it is S & B. I will try to find out the date when they stopped to use raised headstampsour Rene