Very, very Bad News-Otto Witt's Passing

It is with the most profound regret that I report the death of Mr. Otto Witt, one of the finest gentlemen who ever graced our hobby or touched our lives. Ot passed last night. I have no other details at this time, nor would I be emotionally prepared to deal with them yet if I did.

Condolences to his family and friends. JH

A true shock and loss. One of the finest gentlemen I’ve ever met.

That is very sad and terrible news for us all. He will be missed by so many. We all knew him in some aspect and all knew him as someone always willing to help, assist and share his knowledge.

That is terrible, and sudden. I had just been having emails back and forth with him only a couple days ago, and over the past month about various oddball specialty pistol cartridges. His zeal for collecting and interest in seemingly useless bits of cartridge trivia was inspiring, and made me feel good about the hobby, and also sane for not feeling left as if I were the only one interested in certain detail & minutiae about an experimental .38 special from 35 years ago. He was an especially nice man to deal with at all times, and trading with Otto and John at SLICS for the conversation alone was something looked forward to over the past few years. R.I.P. Otto.

he will be rembered for a very long time for his passion in collecting,

OMG! This is horrible news! I am so sorry to hear this. My condolnces to his family and many friends. His section in the Journal will always be one of my favorites.


Truly sad news to awake to on a Sunday morning. My deepest sympathy to his family and to his friends. Certainly our world of cartridge collecting has suffered a terrible loss too.

Very sorry to hear this. I never got to know Otto, but I know how well regarded he was in the collecting world. Condolences to his family and friends.

My condolences to Otto’s wife Rose and the family and deepest sympathy.
They don’t make many like Otto. He was always ready to help with an id or to explain about a headstamp, etc. He will be missed greatly ! M.Rea

“In Memorium” donations can be sent to the National Rifle Association, with request that acknowledgment of the donation be sent to John Witt, P. O. Box 219, Laingsburg, MI 48848.

Otto wall be cremated and his wishes were that there was to be no service or memorial.

Condolences to the family can be sent to the above address for John Witt, his son, as well. Many of us know John from SLICS, etc. He is “his father’s son.” A great gentleman and a credit in all ways to his dad.

This is truely sad news. Dealing with Otto was always a pleasure and one of the highlights of attending SLICS for me. My sympathy goes out to his family and friends. He will be missed.

So sorry to hear this. Ot was one of the most generous persons I’ve ever known.
My deepest condolences to John and the rest of his family.

So sorry to hear of Ottos passing. Will miss his Wtts end page.

Gordon Martin

Otto (& his son) are icons at the SLICS show (and on the last pages of the Journal).

For years we were table neighbors (next door) and I would be thrilled if I could add a headstamp variation to Otto’s world. He would thank you so much that it was humbling.

The “little guy” with the magnification loop will be dearly missed…but without great ones like Otto to Bless our hobby…it all wouldn’t be worth what it is to many of us!

I was planning to send him some pictures of italian proprietary headstamps once done my research… too late, I am sorry for this loss.

My condolences to his family and friends

I just had contact with John Witt and evidently Otto passed suddenly and peacefully while working on his collection. He had just finished making photographs for some of his famous single-cartridge index cards, when he left us. I suppose we can all be thankful for that, although it does not ease the pain of his passing much. He was 94 and still had all his faculties.
A remarkable man, by any standard!

Thanks for sharing that with us.

Terrible news.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Witt

That is very sad news. Otto was one of the best, always nice to me at SLICS. My condolences to the family.

We are diminished.