Veterans Day 2007

Lets all remember what today is.

To all who are now serving both at home and abroad, hang in there. You ARE appreciated.

To our Viet Nam vets - Welcome Home!

To those that are still around from WW II and Korea - Job Well Done!


  • It’s interesting to be mentioned that WW1 officially ended on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11:00 AM, 89 years ago. Liviu 11/11/07

Yes, that is precisely why the armistice ending WWI was decided by the powers to be to end precisely at the 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month of 1918. So that the day would be remembered. The ultimate insanity and obscenity. Knowing the war would be ended, but extending the figting for days to meet this “special” time and date, knowing full well that more brave men would be maimed and die during those days, just to make a historical footnote.

John Moss

John–You are right about extending the War so he special date and time was reached. On the “Today” show this morning they said, if I remember correctly, 1500 people were killed in the last hour before 11:00 o’clock. and they showed footage of the last artillery salvo fired 1 second before 11:00. Such is the folly of the politicians.

Well, I’d just like to thank all the VETS and members of our Military for their service to our Country and efforts to rid the world of mean, cruel dictators like sadam. You are all heroes and deserve more then 1 National Holiday if you ask me. THANK YOU BIG TIME!


  • Unfortunately some people do NOT realize the great sacrifice the men and the women in uniform are doing each day. In a way it’s very hard for somebody who has never served in army [any army from any country] to understand the military life with all the glory and risks. — Speaking of the WW1, the German soldiers were told in the fall of 1914 that by Christmas the war would be over and all were going to be home. But they didn’t mention correctly the year … Liviu 11/11/07

HERE, HERE !!!..Thanks to all the vets and all those now serving…the day has special meaning for me, as I am a Navy vet, and my oldest boy graduates from Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes, IL., next week…

Also…speaking of Navy things…some of you might have seen Ray Meketa and I “snipe” at each other about the jobs we did in the Navy, all in good fun…pretty obvious what Ray did…he was a Gunner’s Mate…but, for the those that don’t know, a snipe is the general term for a Navy Man who is an Engineman, Machinist’s Mate, Boiler Technician, etc, and works below decks in the engineering spaces.

And lest anyone get the wrong idea - they are all terms of comraderie. Whether a snipe, airdale, gunny, anchor clanker, deck ape, brown shoe, black shoe, we were all shipmates and that is ALL that mattered.