Veterans day 2008

To all veterans everywhere, thank you for your service.


I add my thanks to those from Ray, especially for those who served in combat so that the rest of us might be free. Bless you all. You are the best of the best, and many of us stand in awe and almost disbelief of the things you went through and still came back to “the world” decent men.

Ignore your detractors. They know nothing, and reveal themselves for what they are in their whining and criticism. Thank goodness that even in this fractured nation, they are the small, ignorant minority.

I 3rd that! From the bottom of my heart I thank all the men and women, past, present & future for their service to our great Country and for all they do to protect the rights of the little guy overseas. You are all heroes and without you, freedom would just be a word! Thanks A LOT!


Thanks from me as well.

Especially to my great uncle who didn’t come back, and is now buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on the Burmese railway.