Veterans Memorial Museum, San Diego, CA


This museum concentrates on Korea and Nam, has some nice displays but not much ammo. The building used to be a chapel of San Diego Naval Hospital, see the pulpit in the 2nd photo. Visit if you like old photos.





Thanks Vlad for showing these pict’s!!! love to see this kind of museum’s



The Korean War Exhibit titled: Hold At All Costs, the Battle for Outpost Harry" will run through June 2011.

The exhibit also includes video oral histories from American, Greek and Red Chinese (Peoples Volunteer Army) soldiers who fought in that battle. The exhibit is based on a documentary film by the same name that will show on KPBS in early 2011 and many of the exhibit artifacts come from the collection of Glenn Smith, the film producer/director who filmed the oral histories and collected the artifacts in the US, Korea and China. The remainder come from the museum’s collection and are on loan from individuals and other museums in the San Diego area.

Do stop by for a visit.

Also, If any cartridge collectors in the San Diego and are interested in becoming a museum consultant to help us to identify artifacts that are donated to the museum’s collection, we would be most appreciative. Contact us at 619-239-2300.