Vetterli blank ctges

A few year ago I found some boxes of Vetterli ctges in Italy.
The boxes were unopened.
Among them were boxes of Mle 1890 blank (Da Salve) ctges.

Here is a picture of a box and ctge.

I sold some ctges and boxes of this kind.

A few days ago I had no more ctges therefore i opened another box.
Same label, only the manufacturer was different;

Here is what I found inside !!

my question is :
Mle 1890 blank is the ctge with white paper bullet or is it the all brass ctge ??


the blank model 1890 has the paper bullet. The other one is the blank model 70/87 with “appendice in metallo” (with metal appendix for).The 70/87 blank is described in Hoyem book as intended for rifles. According to the CESIM website it is a blank loading for the Gardner machine gun. Don’t know why it was packed in a box labeled “1890” but the case is headstamped 1882 and has not any re-use signs (crosses or other marks)