Viable Contact With FN Herstal

On numerous occasions I have attempted to open dialog with FN Herstal using both the e-mail and postal address as shown in their catalogs and web site.

On all of these occasions I have never received any form of reply.

Does any member know of a possible contact at FN or a suggestion as to what to try next?

FN Herstal is a hard rock as for whom they will deal or even talk with (unlike the old days).

Unless you are a licenced and potentially will buy gigantic amounts of ordnance from them they seem not to be willing to talk much.
Also their comms policy may be “govt officials only”.

Wish you luck with finding a handle on this.

Thank you and yes I have bumps on my head for beating it against that brick wall.

My contact at FN America in Columbia, South Carolina told me that working with the home office is difficult. Pretty bad when one considers they are part of the company!

Yes even military officers is certain programs have had a hard time communicating with the head offices overseas, we had better luck with the US offices early on but now they too are difficult to communicate with. All reps I knew years ago are now gone or at a level now where direct contact isnt procedure anymore. If your gov or large LE dept you may get a lower level employee to communicate with but their knowledge and access is limited. Good luck, I miss the old days where you could have a dialogue with manufacturers.

FrankN - I have had limited success. Call Me and we can talk.

Jay 816-560-0684.

A German officer, who in my view is not unimportant in procurement matters, considered the FN representatives as the most arrogant he ever encountered. Its not just the lowly cartridge researchers like us, who are treated with contempt by the current generation of FN officials.

One of my relatives worked for a Belgian company Cockerill-Ougrée a long time ago, that was a steel producer which might have been associated with FN. Cockerill-Ougrée did some business in USSR (don’t know if buying or selling).
In the present geo-political climate I think it is more productive to ask collectors or search internet than to appeal to a large military arms manufacturer. Depending on what is being sought.

Thanks everyone. I value your input.

You could always say that you represent a disgruntled general, who has the full backing of the combined military forces of his country and who wishes to overthrow the current government. To this end, he has tasked you with finding a company who can discreetly supply his aforementioned armed forces with several million rounds of ammunition, across multiple calibres.

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I would also like to contact FN to ask some questions about some cartridges, especially experimental forerunner of the 5.7x 28. Someday I hope to get information about them

And this is the reason why most manufacturers never answer such questions.
They would need an own department to answer questions of non-business related questions.
Read the posting on profit in the Jay’s thread on Northrop-Grumman.

My best source on early development of 5.7x28 was an older Belgian gentleman, formerly from FN ammunition R&D, who, I believe, is not so highly regarded by some members of this forum for something he apparently did about “rare” ammo back at FN.
I can not tell if anything I was told about him is true, or if info he supplied to me is 100% correct. However, this gentleman was really helpful to my own studies, friendly and really nice to talk to.
Courtesy of him, I have some dummies which, in his words, pre-date 5.7x28 as we know it (i.e. loads based on .22WMR), as well as some texts on the development history of the same
PM me if interested i text of photos.

Thank you so much for taking your time and replying to my queries. As with almost all of the replies to my Forum post, information is often almost impossible to find.
I would be very interested in any pictures or other information you wish to share with me.

Please use my personal email ** ** that is through the University of California and is safe and secure.

Thank you again for any assistance you can provide.

Frank Nerenberg

Sometimes when I am calling a manufacturer scrounging for data, I will identify myself as “an officer in the International Ammunition Association” which sounds far more important than it is, but works around half the time!

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I agree it’s not easy to get in. Here is our team in the FN board room in 2017. Great food as well. ;)

FN founded a branch called ‘Ars Mechanica’ to handle it’s heritage. Try the Liege Arms Museum, via Mr. Claude Gaier. He may be able to assist. French language works best.

I always introduce myself as a “Small Arms Cartridge Researcher”. “Collector” is the death knell for many when opening a conversation.

Nothing is safe and secure in California…;>)

Too each his own…

Frank, et al, I have had luck in the past with FN. I’ll try to stay as brief as possible.

I have been overseas for the better part of 30 years. The last 12 years I was a senior PM in an Aviation Maintenance/Logistics program for my company in the UAE. Every two years in Abu Dhabi is held what has recently become one of the worlds largest “gun shows”, called IDEX. It’s a wet dream for anyone interested in the latest militaria ranging from small arms to naval vessels. There are so many countries with so much to display, billions in deals every IDEX are announced.

FN was always one of my favorites. Maybe it’s because my customer bought a lot from them, or because they started to get familiar with me. Seemed like every two years they would send the same guys and when I show up in between conferences they always had an awesome goodie bag waiting for me.

I remember in preparation for the last one I went to in February 2019, I brought in some pictures of some proof markings I had on an older high power and they knew right away what they were and seemed glad to help.

I guess my point is to find out what kinds of large Expos there are in your area and register to get in one. They are not that difficult to get in even as a plain civilian, although it may not be open to you the first day since that’s usually when the big deals are signed by the big-wigs. Anyway go prepared with a list of questions and smile. You might be surprised. I always felt that they were stuck there anyway for a week no matter what goes on so they were always nice to me.

Anyway just my thoughts on that subject.

V/r Henry