Vic Engel's New Online Auction


Vic has his new auction up at and it looks like a great one. If you’re not familiar with his online auction formats, when you start at the home page and want to scroll through the entire auction, hit the “Browse” button on the left and then select “All Catagories.” When you plan to bid, sign in first. Also, don’t be misled by seeing what looks like a side view of a common round, like a .30-06 ball cartridge. When you click on it to go to the description and other pictures, you might see a really rare headstamp, like G B 18. One common-looking .455 revolver cartridge turns out to have a . WILKERSON . headstamp. I like the fact that there are no hidden reserves and almost all of the lots I looked at have just a $5 starting bid. When you submit a bid, a note about the buyer’s premium pops up so there is no confusion about what your total will be. Finally, when you are the high bidder on a lot, you will get an separate email confirmation with the details, so no surprises.


I totally agree with Mel,
Vic’s auction website is really well made, the pictures are of very good quality and the description of each cartridge is perfect and each small détails is shown. I had bet and win some items several times and I was everytime pleased to get each item. The Delivery is also perfect.
Everything is perfect!!


Some nice items! The website as a whole is nicely done also!



One has to be registered to view the auctioned items?



Click on the link in the above post and in the upper left of the screen you will see “Browse”. Hit that and you should be good to go.



Dave, thanks a lot!


Good looking selection and the pictures are fantastic!


Does anyone have any info on the round labeled as .45 Mars Experimental (.45 for Gabbit Fairfax Mars)? I’ve only seen mention of the .45 Long and .45 Short before.



You need to see a copy of Erlmeier-Brandt, Manual of Pistol and Revolver Cartridges, Vol. II, Centerfire, Americn and British Calibers. Both 450 MARS Experimentals (I and II) are pictured and described on pages 218 and 219. Apparently, the two experimentals were developed about 1895 by H.W Gabbert-Fairfax for experiments only within the scope of tests of the British Army. Dimensions are given for both rounds. Type I has an OAL of 1.781 inch and Type II is shorter at 1.410 inch.