Vickers 2 Pounder Belt Filler

It’s may be slightly tangential, but here’s a drawing for the Vickers 40mm Pom-Pom belt-filler. My apologies for the quality but it was a fold-out drawing from the Admiralty Handbook and the National Archives at Kew have strict regulations about handling documents … making it impossible to render most of them properly flat.

The full title of the document is “Handbook for the Vickers 40mm Automatic Gun Ordnance Q.F 2.pdr. pom-pom Mk II*” and the document reference is ADM 186/262.

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Thanks Pete!

Quite a handful, those belts… from the IWM collection:



Amazing … I suppose those links were kicked overboard after use ?

Here’s the General Arrangement drawing from the same handbook, with apologies once again for the limitations of the image;

I’ve not cropped this one so you can see the dreaded “weighted beads” you have to use to keep the page “flat” … the image of the Belt Filler had to be a composite one from 5 different photographs, all stitched together in Photoshop, such was the irregularity of the page.


It seems likely that the links were thrown overboard.

The cases are common today, while the links are much harder to find.

There was also a web belt for the early versions.