Vickers .303-inch links for air service ? manufacturer

I picked up Vickers some link and I’m curious as to who made them. They are stamped III M.O. and one of them has a six point star above the III.

MO stamped 303 charger clips were made at Maribyrnong, Victoria, Australia and I am wondering if these link are also from there. I don’t know what the star represents and why it is only on one of the six links.

Any help greatly appreciated.


I suspect more likely to be British. I couldn’t see the need for Australian made Vickers Air Service Links…, Browning, Yes.

Beyond that, I will bow to the experts.

The Lithgow factory in Australia made 1218 MkV Vickers aircraft guns 1935-41. They were the armament on the Australian Wirraway fighter. There would have been a need in Australia for ac Vickers belts.

Orange, you are correct, I had forgotten the Wirraway! The Gloster Gladiator was the only aircraft of that era in RAAF service that I had thought of (and I presume they were supplied by the RAF to 3 Squadron (RAAF) only once they had arrived in North Africa).

Of course it doesn’t answer Darren’s question. I had hoped we would have heard from the likes of Doc or Ron on this by now…


I noticed that the one with the star on it is actually marked III BP. The others are all marked III MO, as originally described. Still no positive ID as to who made them.

I believe BP is British Pens. Jack