Vickers ctges

  1. About 20 years ago the 50 Vickers V565 (13 * 81) ordinary ctge was a good ctge.
    Is it still like that ?
    What is the average price now ?

  2. the incendiary one was a lot better.
    What is the average price now ?

") And the 50 Vickers V690 (13 * 120) violet tip was a very rare ctge.
Is is still the case ?
What is the price now ?


I can’t help you with the prices, JP, but you might find this of interest - I’ve just updated it:

thanks Tony
Interesting article. I always like to read articles on ctges despite the fact I don’t collect anymore this kind of ammo

The Explosive Breda is in fact blue painted
I can send you a picture if you need.

Now perhaps somebody will give me the price of these shells


Hello Jean Pierre, I bought these cartridges twelve years ago:

.50 Vickers V565 hstp:R /I\ L 1942 FIZ for 30€
.50 vickers V690 hstp:K35 .5V.690 for 90€


thank you