Vickers MG Safety Catch

Hi. Greetings to everyone in this forum.

I’m a collector of military items from Spain. I’m looking information about the markings that appear on the safety catches, for the .303 "Vickers Medium Machine Gun.

As shown in the photo, a double arrow and the letter “A” appear.

I would like to know what these marks indicate and if you know the period of the safety catches. Can you help me?

I know that this question does not correspond with this forum, but I have read the post .303 British (7.7x56R) question and I want to know if what is explained of the double mark of the “Crow’s Foot” in the ammunition can be applied to Vickers MG Safety Catch.

Thank you so much to everybody.

The sold out of service mark has two arrows facing point to point so it looks like X with a line through.
(Photo from

The mark on your Vickers safety looks like two stamps. A weakly stamped arrow and a strongly stamped arrow.

Can It be a printing error? Can you tell me something about the letter “A”?


Yes, the weakly stamped arrow is an error.

I do not know the meaning of the letter A.

You could try contacting Richard at he might be able to help you.

Good book on this subject is “Machine Guns of WW1” by Robert Bruce. It also has a great bibliography on the last page.

Thank you everyone.