Video .50 cal Sniper...but … 219835001/

A “good” story, but these videos get passed/sent around as “real time” action footage.

I presume not to be wrong, (am I ???) that there is no film crew present on the top of a distant oil tank (with multi angles), nor a film crew both with telescopic capabilities and/or on the ground with the foot patrol.

Sure is easy to see how the “public” buys such dramatic footage…I was “all in” until common sense brought me back.

Yes…“ammo” related since they discuss the .50 Multi-Purpose Raufoss rounds.

I am not implying the facts/story/outcome are not real…it’s the real time video that gets swallowed, hook, line & sinker!

re-enactments of actual events

  • never trust the media…

I think the “kicker” (for folks to believe it is the real “live” deal) is the fact it is posted on “” (not that I know anything about that site)

You are right to question the way these things are put togeather. Take the insurgent hit on the balcony. No way could a conventional camera have picked that off live at a mile. The lack of heat haze shimmer alone gives it away. But its giving people what they want to see. At a mile the image in the snipers scope would have looked like he was looking through a plastic bag full of water but its good TV and the truth is he got his shot.
If they reconstructed these things afterwards, well OK.