Video of gau 12 and 25mm pgu 20 ammo

i find a nice video of gau 12 and his primary ammunition for harrier aircraft ,the pgu 20
you can well see these on “6.58” on the video

it the first time that i can see real 25mm pgu 20

and another one (gau 13 and 30mm pgu 14)

Great video, thanks for posting. These firing evaluations with the YAV-8B aircraft were conducted at China Lake in December 1980 and May 1981.

The 25x137 API DU rounds are a 1980 production by Honeywell not yet designated PGU-20/U. This full bore 25 mm AP round was developed because the existing APDS was not suitable for airborne applications (sabot pieces may damage the engines).



Very cool; thanks for posting! I’ve been looking for 5 of those plastic linked-tubes for the 30x173 for a while now…