Video tape to computer conversion?


I have over 100 hours of video tape of collector cartridges from 2 caliber to 8 inch from my auctions. Is there a way to convert to stills for computer use ?


Hook up a digital movie camera and play the vidoe to the camera. Then down load the digitized movie into the computer. The programs such as garageband, i movie will let you cut out sections. There are your stills. Sound confusing but actually simple just time. Vic


Find someone who has a VHS-DVD burner combo (like me, but I am in New York) you’ll be burn DVDs easy way. And then go to computer and do what Vic says.


Thanks for the tips. I have the burner and camera but need a program to make the stills. I will try the one which you mention if I can find it.


I was told that if you have POWERDVD and look in the lower left corner, you will see a small picture of a camera, if you click on it, the computer will take a snapshot of whatever is on the screen. Then you find the file and, voila, you are done. If you have no POWERDVD, talk to me. I have to check if all of this is true when I get home.


No POWER DVD program. Thanks for the help.


If you have windows xp you should already have windows movie maker installed. BTW you can take screenshots in windows by pressing PrtSc.
Just pause movie, take screenshot, use paint to crop.


There is no difference between taking screenshot by Ctrl+PrtScr or just PrtScr. But Alt+PrtScr will take screenshot of current active window.

If video encoded using something like DivX (or other video formats which will be play back by Windows using overlay) it will be not possibly take screenshot by PrtScr it


I will use PANASONIC PV D209.


Hello All,
This is the PM I just sent him. If anyone sees anything wrong with what I said, please let me know :-).
BTW, Unless you get into compression or encodeing the digital video is going to take A LOT of hard drive space.

I assume you are talking about taking screenshots in windows xp. Pressing just the prtsc button on your keyboard will take a full screen “picture” of whatever is currently displayed. It copies the image to the clipboard and if you go to an image editing program (paint, photoshop, ect) you can then press paste to insert it into the program to play with. This is for still shots only.
The easiest way to get the information from analog (tape) to digital would be as the said to find some one who has a VHS-DVD combo box and get them to record it from one to the other. The other ways are very complicated and involve intercepting and capturing the video from your vhs player.
You may also be able to hook the camcorder directly to a dvd player that can record and go from there.
For editing the video once it is in digital format you need a special program. If your computer is running windows xp it should already have windows movie maker installed. If not you might be able to reinstall it from the xp disk that came with your computer or download it from Microsoft. Once you have a program type what you want to know into google +the software you are using. (ie. frame capture windows movie maker) There should be sites telling you how to do it. If not just ask here and we might be able to help.