Vietnam M16 Magazine bags

I acquired one of these a few days ago. Shown here is a photo of one from an ebay auction. What does the vietnamese writing translate to? Also, how do you seal these?

If any IAA or ECRA member wants a couple of these for free PM or Email me.

I have enough to give the first 20 members to contact me 2 each.

Can anyone translate the Vietnamese text?

I know the Chieu Hoi in the text is an invitation to surrender.

The Chieu Hoi program tried to entice VC and NVA to surrender by promising good treatment and hot chow, etc, so I would guess these could be used as “safe passage” tickets for surrendering combatants…

Here is an easier to read image of the Magazine Bag.

It translates something like: Returning Chieu Hoi will help you to again see your parents and family in a peaceful and democratic South Vietnam