Vietnamese floating grenade on E-Bay

I have found this in the net: … 1438.l2649

That VN vet must have spent his last years of service in Germany since the item is a DM12 simulator of the German Bundeswehr.

Here the item (as DM22 variant) as it looks when not in VC service: … 2dm22.html

Entertaining story though.

Seems like this item has just been removed now.

knowledge vs. fairy tale = auction deleted

Well done!

Seems E-Bay once in a while is pulling the right auctions.

Long story short, that guy asked 400$ for the piece shown above and stated it was a VC grenade made to float down rivers and that it was a US VN Vet bring back. Somebody confronted him with that BS and told him what it was (the seller obviously never knew there were 2 Germany’s at that time) and got the question back if the GDR (East Germany) supplied those to the VC.
Very entertaining auction it was.

I have attempted to correct such nonsense on Ebay listings for years. Very few sellers care.

If someone actually got this fellow to remove his listing or retitle it, I am amazed.

More likely the Ebay free lance gestapo saw it and had it removed.

They hate this stuff and any kind of grenade violates their rules.