Vihtavuori Powder Plant

Risk of explosion at Vihtavuori plant decreases, evacuated residents hopeful of returning home

Authorities remained on alert on Wednesday evening at the explosives plant in the Vihtavuori area of Laukaa in Central Finland. Earlier evacuated from the area, local residents looked set to be able to return to their homes around 10 pm on Wednesday, after it was announced that the risk of a massive explosion had been eliminated.

Though this happened in the premises of Vihtavuori plant it had nothing to do with powder manufacturing nor the Eurenco company responsible for that. It was a Finnish explosives manufacturer Forcit’s container having unknown liquid in it causing this incident.

This situation is over now and people are back in their homes, actually it seems the evacuation was a typical Finnish overkill (They said to prepare for the worst case scenario). There was some smoke coming out a small liquids container and a risk of a chemical fire but everything was under control and just a miminal chance for an explosion. Funny and stupid thing is that the local fire department kept sending warning messages every fifteen minutes or so all over the country (!!!) through radio stations and television.