Vintage 12ga Federal Rifled Slugs

I’m looking for info on this Ammo and possible value. This is a full box. I also have a couple 5pks of the same ammo.
Would like to sell but have no idea of value.

No responses? I thought this was a simple question for this board, I guess not.


This is THE place to go for questions about cartridges. You are not being ignored nor does the Forum lack experts on shotshells. It’s simply that values are so arbitrary that few of us want to go there.

I’d suggest you visit a couple or three of the auction sites to see what similar boxes are selling for. That is the only true indication of value. Wards Auctions usually has a big line up of shotshell boxes and I’d start there.

Good Luck


Odd that they would put a Duck on a box of rifled slugs…

I’m not a shotshell guy, so maybe it’s not odd?


I had sent you a PM on Sat Jun 13, 2015 7:46 pm.


The duck on the front was standard for Federal boxes of this time, (sorry don’t know the time) no matter the contents.