Vintage ammo

to clear things up sorry for wording my post the way it was i had no intentions of attempting a sale off that thread, i was merely looking for rarity, collectable or not and a reasonable value. I do intend to sell it as im not a collector but need to find out what i have first.

If you have some time, post pictures of any box. I think that all the boxes of your lot can be at least dated, and many collectors can say you if it is rare or common stuff.
A list of what you have, with some descriptions ( box lot numbers, for example) can be helpful too.

Also headstamps are important to properly ID your stuff.

For example there are several cartridge in plastic bags…what caliber are they?

Some boxes have labels that can’t be read looking at your pictures, they could contain rare 7 valuable cartridge or more common ammunition.

Raymond, First, welcome to the Forum. We are a bit picky on the buy/sell/trade because the IAA is a tax exempt organization (501c7) which requires us to basically only provide services to our members. Otherwise we can lose our tax exempt status.

There is nothing wrong, as far as I know, in asking the value of things. It s done pretty commonly. It is your business whether you are asking to sell the items or just to know the value of what is going into your collection. Some of your stuff looked old and probably interesting to those who are interested in that area.

Pivi has a good recommendation. put items up individually and you will have an opportunity to know if they have any value and why. If you decide to put them on gunbroker or some other website, than that is up to you, but you will have a better idea of the description. One of the sad things about the websites is how often the writeup is wrong or pure fantasy.

Thanks for joining, and you may just catch the collecting bug. It is easy to do.



this is a link to what i have so far

If you take 30 or 40 minutes to search both active and completed auctions on Gunbroker, as well as just searching Google using specific words in quotation, then you will find sellers or completed sales for most of these boxes. Condition is everything though, and so if you find a similar box that sold for $200 in excellent condition, remember that a torn / grease-stained box will be worth far less. Remember that for auctions or internet listings, a listed price that something is being offered at with no bids, is by no means an indication of actual market value. Only bid-on, or completed sale items of very similar condition and exact variation type are true indicators.

thanks DK i have searched gun broker and they have removed the previous sales page, so as most of them are on there but they have no bids. i have found a few pages that sell vintage ammo but no way to tell what they are actually selling or if there price is off the mark.
To be perfectly honest i have grown fond of this ammo problem is there is so much of it. I have 2 full plastic crates. I have been considering keeping it but have no idea how to preserve it or store it (and i need another hobby like i need a whole in the head).
as collectors maybe someome can tell me what are the collectable ones and which i should just off load. I have many more pics and will be posting more as the day goes on.
Thanks for all the info

Raymond, the best way to store your ammo is to keep it in a DRY & Cool place, out of sun light and, away from heat sources . Some of your cartridges look as if they were subject to high humidity/heat ! Do not use tape to hold boxes together. M. Rea

Not a lot of value if corroded , one of those deals where a buyer will spend many hours separating the good from the bad worth a $100.00 to me… 207-642-7980
Maybe we need a auction section on the forum, and the IAA could charge 5% to seller and 5% buyer…
I am not that impressed with the other auctions sites on the web.