Vintage Norma .30 Carbine Box

Need some help with dating this Norma box and if it has any particular value as a collectible. As pictured it has a $3.00 price tag on it from Sears, Roebuck and Co. Any comment would be appreciated.


I remember them from 1966-67 when I got my first rifle,
An Inland M1 carbine. Expensive.
Not much milsurp about then.

Doc AV

Hi Fred,
Is there a number stamped on the side of the tray, that holds the cartridges?
Mine has 2 9 9 1 7 6 (The 1st 9 is weak, but I think it’s 9.) But I do not know how to read them anyway. And my box has the Child warning in a different location.

It does have a stamp but it is very light. I can make out * * 8011 * * * but nothing else

My box like Fred’s is stamped “481155”, but the “8” & the “1” next to it are faint.

Mine like Dan’s is stamped “209177”.

Also the one like Fred’s is smaller in thickness / width then Dan’s, and a little shorter in height.

Hope this is of help.

Thanks Pete. Looking at the number in different lighting it looks like it is 3011919