Vintage peters amm boxes


Hello ai hope I am posting in the right spot ,
, I have some vintage Peters boxes here any help dating them approx. would be of assistance well start on the left , all are marker Remington , Bridgeport, Conn
upper Left : gold & Blue :
158 gr. lead bullet ( former NYPD issue ) bullet number 3844 (really box id number )
lower Left : white and blue :
158 gr. lead bullet ( former NYPD issue ) nickeled R-P brass ,bullet number 3844 (really box id number )
Right Upper : Dark Blue and White :
148 wadcutter marker Du Pont , Index 3847 ,(really box id number )
Lower Right : Dark Blue and White :
Police Service ,158 Lead, nickeled R-P brass , Index 3844 ,(really box id number )
any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Robbt


The Gold & Blue boxes are mid-1950’s. The Blue and White ones are 1961(when R-P headstamp was interduced) -1968 (When The Peters line was discontinued.


Hello, robbt…Ron is correct on the dating of these boxes…On the Rustless ones, the yellow is earlier and the white later…the numbers on the boxes, like 3844, are the catalog numbers for the ammunition contained within…Randy


The blue & white box with R-P cartridges and 'DUPONT" is eariler than the one below it. It would be 1961 to about 1965. The 3847 and 3844, etc. are the Load Index Number used mostly when ordering from the wholesaler.


I would really like to get someone to line up 5-10 boxes from this maker (or any single maker) and give approximate dates for each design. A lot of people (not yet serious collectors) are curious about when their ammo was made, or looking for a box to display with a gun of that caliber.

If someone provides me with .jpg photos and the info, I will work it up for the website.


thank-you , i have found a new home


John S…Peters Boxes…I can line up a bunch in one caliber…30-40 Krag, of course…and provide dates of manufacture…can I have till Sunday to get it done ?..Randy


Even Krags would be great… ;-)

You can have until Monday if needed…


John…I’ll get her done…All the way from the first Peters green box up until the red ball in the early 60’s…Randy