Vintage Winchester .410 shot shell

Hi all,

I run across vintage and antique ammo on a recurring basis, and am very happy to have finally found this forum. I am currently going through a small stash of some 60 or so shot shells and some cartridges, and I will be posting some here in hopes of gaining some information about them.

First off is this vintage Winchester .410 shot shell. Can’t seem to find anything about it insofar as age, rarity, history or desirability. Anything you folks can tell me is appreciated greatly!

.410 shells are a field of their own in my opinion and I don’t consider myself a .410 collector but I will give it a go since I have some references that appear helpful.

This appears to be a 2" shell most likely from the 1920’s when Winchester introduced the Model 20 Junior Trapshooting Outfit. Descriptions of that kit show a shell very similar to yours, with the same headstamp. I don’t know how long this shell was offered or if it was offered in other boxes. The limited area on the head make it impossible for identifiers like LEADER or RANGER to be used, as is common in other gauges.

Ronald Stadt’s WINCHESTER SHOTGUNS AND SHOTSHELLS is my source for this and on page 148 is an excellent picture.

Thanks for posting a shotshell question and I personally would welcome more!

Shotmeister - How’s about I send you a list of the stuff in this collection, and you let me know which shells are worthy of photographing and posting on the forum?

In Britain, obviously not Winchester but Eley (mainly) 2" .410s were food on the table cartridges with no frills except they were cheaper at a time when these things mattered. Even today, times are hard but we struggle to imagine the poverty of the 20s-30s

Winchester did not introduce a .410 shell until 1916, with the headstamp “Winchester 410-12mm”. Your shell uses the #1 copper primer which was standard in the .410 until 1926. This shell color was changed to a red hull sometime prior to 1927. Your shell is not of the original line but is prior to 1927 - a safe guess would be 1921 - 1925 thereabouts.

Here in the UK today, a box of 12 Gauge shells is cheaper than .410 .

28 bore and .410 are priced higher than the 12 here in the US also.