Vintage world war 2 DWM SHELL 35 MM QUESTION

I am new to collecting . someone told me this was a ww 2 artifact
Marked DWM and 35 mm base with an o4 along the top brass part . could this still explode ? !20190907_192251

It is unfired. No rifling marks on driving bands.
Nose fuse plug seems removed, may be deactivated.
Only way to check is to unscrew
Fuse ( may be Left-hand thread) with proper wrench to fit sockets in fuze body. IF Shell BODY is empty, then shell is safe…if not empty, !!!

Doc AV

To be correct 37mm it is. And not WW2 but WW1 and earlier.

The striker carrier (wood) seems to be missing, this usually speaks for an inerted projectile.
The load was blackpowder.

Thankyou for the reply
What should I do with this ?