Violet Tip Hirtenberger 7,62 x 51

I have two violet tip 7,62 x 51 rounds in my colletion made by Hirtenberger, and I want know, if this rounds are sniper loads, or just designated marksmen ammo. Are they intended specifically for the Steyr Mannlicher SSG-69 bolt action rifle only ?, Thanks in advance.

Javi, the export designation for these was “7,62 mm x 51 NATO Sniper Cartridge” and they have the same physical characteristics as the ball cartridge but were made to tighter tolerances so as to give a precision at 100 m of ≤60 mm (mean diameter) and max. 70 mm (absolute diameter), while the ball cartridge precision was specified at ≤150 mm. The Austrian military designation was “7,62 mm Scharfschützenpatrone 70” or “7,62 mm SSchPatr 70”.

Argentina bought these cartridges specifically for their Steyr SSG 69 rifles, although HP literature mentions these could be used in G3, FAL, SSG and machine guns. There was also a distinct 168 gr loading designated “Match” made for G3, SSG and “Mauser Match rifles” (SSG 98k).

Headstamps usually found here are HP 78 7.62x51 (at 9, 3 & 6) and HP 7.62x51 .308.

These rounds were defenitely used by Dutch Marine Snipers during the Nineties.
I don’t know the rifle type.

Here is a picture from the Dutch box label.


Isn’t it odd that they mention the manufacturer in the own label?

thanks a lot for the accuracy specifications.

JPeelen, these are the full specifications for this cartridge:


thanks again.