VIPER test ammunition by Remingtom

I recently came into possession of several boxes - 20 rounds each - of Remington Ammunition that are marked “VIPER Test Ammunition” most of the boxes are still sealed, One is open and missing several rounds. The rounds appear to be 30 Cal Carbine with a pointed bullet - estimated 130 grain - which appears to be a tracer. Any ideas?

Hi TennLog,

Pictures may be a big help with this.

Did you Google “Viper 30 carbine tracer” yet, or any combination of those words? It returns results:

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The .30 Carbine Viper tracer subcaliber round to be used in training for the Viper shoulder-fired assault weapon is thoroughly covered and illustrated at the end of Chapter 4, HWS Vol. III, pages 105 - 107. There are several illustrations included, one of a Remington XM869 box label.

Tennlong, I sent you a PM