'Virtual' Ammunition Collection

I have uploaded all of my cartridge photos, about 4000 in total, to SkyDrive where they can now be viewed by anybody who is interested.
I haven’t yet been able to produce an index so you will have to trawl through the many folders. There is a folder for each calibre; some folders will contain only one or two photos, other folders will contain two or three hundred photos.
The larger folders will have the photos arranged alphabetically by country and they will then be further arranged by type; but always in the same logical sequence of Ball, Tracer, AP, Incendiary, Grenade, Blank, Dummy, etc.
Click on the link and have a look…

Very nice

PS : what you listed as a " 6.5 Carcano short range" is actually a frangible load

Thank you very much! Really excellent. You have some very nice 9x19mm cartridges. The British red/orange Aluminum case with the “9MM” headstamp is the first loaded specimen I have seen.

Congrats and many thanks. A good source.



Very nice quality photos, and a nice group of 4.6x30 cartridges!

On the 9mm Mauser Export photo which says “loaded under German occupation”, what type of projectile would that be? A German 08m.E. (or SE?), or an Austrian/Hungarian projectile from their factory?


Good work Jim !!
and a lot of work I think…


Jim: You have done what I have been dreaming of now I have a model to follow. Did you have two of everything or did you photoshop the headstamp with the cartridge? Vic

Thank you gents for the positive and constructive feedback.
Pivi, thanks for pointing out my error, a correction such as that was exactly what I was hoping for and I’m sure there will be a whole lot more errors to be pointed out yet. Constructive critism is really useful. It actually took only about 30 seconds to go back into the original image and change ‘short range’ to ‘frangible’ with Photoshop.
Vic, I only have one specimen of each cartridge so it’s a case of photograph the round in profile, then the headstamp, and then combine the two images in Photoshop.
DK, I know you’re really into your pistol rounds and I wish I could give you a helpful answer but I can’t! I’m afraid I’ve no idea what the bullet type is or where it was made.

Nice collection. As to the 4 x 27 Cetme I must say that Günther Voss was the name of the designer of these bullets, they are not two different persons.

Just another hint, this time on the 7,92 x 24,5 Regaña. It is not used in artillery training, but in a shoulder rocket launcher training. Also, I have never heard of this round used in any silenced weapon.

Thank you Schneider, please keep those corrections coming!

the correct denomination for that Carcano round is “cartuccia a pallottola frangibile M 37 per armi modello 91”

M37 stands for Model of 1937, to distinguish it from the first model that had a lead tip

Hi, Jim…Neat stuff !!..30-40 Krag, #6 is actually a Winchester Short Range commercial cartridge…


I have one of those .25 ACP rounds by FN that is headstamped “FN 6.35”. Are they a military load?

Hmmmm, amending the 4mm CETME image has highlighted a failing of SkyDrive. During the amending process I deleted the 4mm CETME folder and then recreated it with it’s new image in it. No problem with that however SkyDrive will not allow me to put the folder back in it’s rightful place as the first (being the smallest calibre) folder but has instead put it right at the end as the last folder created - after the pistol folders. Not a big deal with this one folder but obviously as I acquire cartridges in different calibres in the future their new folders will end up being stuck on the end and not logically positioned. Damn!

In the folder titled “7.5 Swedish Nagant”, there is a wrong photo (a 5.45 PSM round).

Jim…Thanks for making this info available to all of us! Having done the similar thing with our 223 REM (5.56x45) and 50 Cal BMG (12.7x99) and their related ctgs, I know how much work your have put into your “labor of love” so to speak!

Ladies and Gentlemen: We now have a reason for a new section: What a neat way to get corrections on all of those rounds you think are correct but are not. It would help the collection process greatly just to re identify rounds correctly. Maybe not all at once but a few at a time. Vic

30-06 Danish photo nr. 3 is actually a Løspatron M/58.


Thank you Torben.

Thank yuo very much for sharing your collection.