VIS marked primers

On quite a few Norwegian manufactured shotgun shells (Nitedals) I see the primer marked VIS
Does anyone here know the origin of this brand of primers?

I have the following primer marking info:

VIS : Italian : Leon Beaux

VIS NOX : Italian : Leon Beaux (corrosion free)

Also the following note:

Other production for Norma-Nittedal was done in France in 1980 by MGM was making the shells with hstp 12 Norma 12 Nittedal. Some product was also evidently produced in Italy.

OK, very interesting!
Does this mean that the VIS (only) marked primers are from ‘pre-corrosion free’ years?
If so, this is in contradiction to the term ‘rustfri’ / corrosion free printed in the cartridge?

Beaux also introduced a VIS non-corrosive primer before WW2.

Thank you Fede!

I found and read the story of Leon Beaux, they apparently made a lot of pinfire ammunition. later also shotshells and a lot of other ammunition, until the factory was split up and sold.
Nowhere i can find a logic explanation for the VIS markings. Does anyone know?

Does anyone happen to have a picture handy, of this VIS marked Italian primer?
Thanks, Dan

Sorry for poor quality took them while running for work.
Hope they are good enough

Here is the variant on the Norwegian cartridges.

polman & owl, Perfect!
Thank You!

The ones from owl is identical to those I started off the ‘thread’ with. Thank