Visiting Moscow - Recommendations needed!


once again I will be visiting Moscow in mid May.
This will be a tourist trip with the focus to gather Russian arms and ammunition information.

Apart from the Kubinka tank museum and the Monino aircraft museum, I will also visit the Central Arms Museum in Moscow.
I will also watch the May 9th victory parade on Red Square and visit the large flea market during the weekend.

Does anybody have recommendations of what else I could visit there?
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There is a Metro station “Aeroport” in northern Moscow (I used to live there). There is an actual airfield there and, if you go to Google Earth, you may see what appears to be a large line-up of military planes, reminiscent of a museum arrangement. You may want to check this location. Also, don’t forget the State Museum in the Red Square, big ocre-coloured building. It is filled up with guns from Napoleon to Hitler.

Thanks sksvlad,

this is a very good tip!
Found the place on Google Earth, it is the “Airshow on Hodynka” at the Khodinka Airport.


The central museum of Great Domestic war 1941-1945 гг


thanks very much, I also didn

For those of you who really like to travel, there is a museum in Izhevsk, Russia, called Kalashnikov Museum (no need to explain the expo items). See an article in the New York Pravda, sorry, the New York Times of Feb.18, 2007, called “AK-47 Museum: Homage to the gun that won the East”.
kalashnikov-weapons-museum.ak47- … /ch1a.html

The CDs of photos which this fellow has for sale are well worth the money. A super collectors eye visit to Russian museums.