VL & D Topwad Box Info

Am researching the different Topwad colors on loaded VL & D shells.
I believe the colors may indicate the powder used.
Need to know if anyone has a VL & D box with loaded shells.
Need the info from box as to the Powder & Shell info, also the Topwad

Thanks, Terry


Attached all I have on VL&D.

Jim Buchanan

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Thank You so very much.

I have some of the same Jim shows and a number of other hulls without VL&D case print or headstamp but their top wad. All are basically the same as those illustrated by Jim, black & white, blue & white or red and black. These seem to be the majority of the colors they used for top wads, from what I’ve seen.

Sorry but I have no loaded boxes. The boxes I’ve seen photos of, were different colors such as green, blue, golden-yellowish, and tan, but none of the photos show the load data which would be found on the front side. Sorry.


Thank You

Need to find some box collectors.