Vol 3 History of US Militray Ammunition Hackley Wooden Scranton

HAving been reading thru tghe subjet book recently, I came across information on subcaliber ammunition for the Viper rocket system which was tested at Redstone Arsenal, AL where sent the last 10 years of my Federal Service (Im an Aviation Guy moved here in 1997 with Army Aviation to merge with Missle command). I have a friend who actually obtained some full boxes of tye ammunition awhile back. general Dynamics was teh contractor and used 30 carbine cases with 30 caliber tracer bullete spulled from 7,62x51 Ammunition. Powder 18 grains of Unique. While the US never adopted this system, England collected the info and went back and developed a verion of their own including subcaliber device. Interesting data to review. Lot of informnation to digest in this book. Will take time. Glad it was published and sorry we have lost Bill and Gene.