Volcanic Pistol Cartridge Box

My company makes custom pistol cases and I am making one for a client who has a Volcanic 31 caliber pocket model. I need to make a compartment to display a box of cartridges. Does anyone know the dimensions of an original 31 caliber cartridge box.

Here is a picture of a cased Volcanic pistol which has a 5X5 wood cartridge tray. I think this one is .41, don’t know what a .31 case would look like.


I had a .41 Volcanic many years ago and foolishly sold it for a relative pittance.

What does a box of Volcanic ammunition look like?

Any photos or scans available?

I suspect they are a bit on the scarce (and $$$$$$$) side, and the project may end up wanting to use an appropriate size faux box as a filler.

jamesdjulia.com/auctions/div_cat … ?pageREQ=2
Julia Auctions has a photo from a past auction with a photo of the 31cal pistol in a box with a cartridge box. Item #2009