Volkseigene Betreib

At where I work there is a Horizontal Milling Machine made in East Germany.

The manufacturer’s plate reads:


Karl - Marx - Stadt

Deutsche Demokratische Republik[/b]

Is this the same facotory that manufactured the 04 headstamped 7.92 Kurz rounds?[/b]

Falcon - Volkseigne Betrieb is not the name of a specific factory. It only means, in a basic translation, “People’s Enterprise” (sometimes interpreted as "People’s Cooperative). It is a communist appellation for various industrial “Kombinats” or conglomerates owned by the state. The code “04” represents the VEB Mechanishe Werkst

Thanks John, I thought it did mean the same factory.

Falcon - not sure I understood your response? You said you “thought it did mean the same factory.” That can be taken two ways. Do you mean that you STILL think it means the same factory, or that you thought it did but no longer do?

It doesn’t automatically mean the name of any one given factory. It it is found in front of the name of many factories, other than the two I mentioned. One example, since I am studying them and writing about them, is the VEB Ernst Th

John, it means I thought it did mean the same factory, but now you have told me the proper meaning I know that it stands for “People’s Co-Operative” and was placed in front of the title of any State-Owned factory.

PS I chanbed Betraeb to Betrieb

Thanks Falcon. I didn’t know we could change the titles, even on our own threads. I learned something too.

If you started a thread, and you go to “edit” in the first post, you can edit the title by typing in the title box as normal like you were posting a new thread.

The marking on the data plate appeared initially incomplete to me since it seemed some word or phrase should be found between VEB and Karl Marx Stadt, KMS being the East German name for the city of Chemnitz. But after reflecting it occurred to me that the machine tool maker might be named for the city. I did a quick google search and learned that there indeed was a facility identified as “VEB Karl Marx Stadt.” Live and learn. JG

Apparently machine tools made in Eastern Bloc states were cheap and often of suitable quality so there was a fair few around in the UK during the cold war years. There is also a heavy duty lathe at the place I work which is made by Poreba of Poland. This also appears to be a factory named after the town it is located. Would machine tools from communist states have been imported into the USA?

Sorry, I was actually wrong all along, it is:


Fritz - Heckert - Werk

Karl - Marx - Stadt[/b]

So it isnt the factory named after the City of Karl Marx Stadt.