Volume 3 of "History of Modern US Military Small Arms Ammo"?



Forgive me if this is common knowledge to the cognoscenti, but as usual I am still in the dark.

Did Volume 3 of the HWS series “A History of Modern US Military Small Arms Ammunition” ever get published? I have been wanting and waiting to add Volume III to the first two volumes in my library but have never seen it available anywhere. Is it still in the works?

Thanks for any update.



To my knowledge, it has not yet been published, although from earlier reports, it now does seem to be overdue. Update Mel?


Mel had posted the last update about it here: http://iaaforum.org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=14313 He said that to be put on an email notification list as to its progress that those interested should email him at: mooneypilot@att.net


Excellent. Thank you, gentlemen. I sent an email to Mel asking to be put on the email notification list. I am very much looking forward to seeing Volume III.



Aren’t we all.