Vom Hoff Cartridges

I have 3 Vom Hofe cartridges that I need some hlp with. The case types and headstamps are as follows:

HS: Vom HOFE M M 5.6m/m SUP.EXPR.

HS: Vom HOFE M M 5.6m/m SUP.EXPR.

HS: W.Gehmann K T 7x75R Sup.Expr.

I assume “M M” and “K T” are date codes. What year?

Who is Walter Gehmann?

Who manufactured the Vom Hofe cartridges?

Can anyone provide me with a list of all the Vom Hofe cartridges?

Ron - here’s some vom Hofe history from my database which should answer your questions:

Re date codes:

M M = 1934 (I would like to see an image of that headstamp please)
K T = 1971

******************Vom Hofe History

Ernst August vom Hofe was a Rifle and munition designer who was best known in the 1930’s. He had been an assistant of Herman Gerlich in Danzig in the 1920s and had also worked with Wilhelm Brenneke in Leipzig.

Inspired by the HALGER high velocity calibres, Vom Hofe together with Richard Schienmann formed the firm HOFMANN WAFFEN und MUNITION in Berlin c1930 (ie HOFe-SchienMANN). They entered the weapons market in 1931 with the “HOFMANN” rifle chambered for their own cartridge, the 7x73 Super Express (W30). This had a belted case and was produced by DWM.

Around 1933 they began experimenting with smaller calibres. Firstly with 6.2mm diameter bullet versions of the 6.5x61 and 6.6x61R DWM cases (#431L & #431M : W45 & W46) - which in turn were based on the 6.5x55 Scandinavian case. Neither the 6x61 (W71) or 6x61R (W72) were considered suitable and were not commercially introduced. Attention was then focused on 5.6mm equivalents. The 5.6x61 and 5.6x61R vom Hofe cartridges were developed c1934 (some say 1937 but “M M” hs are reported to exist - this is a point of debate).

By 1935 the partnership with Schienmann finished and Vom Hofe formed the VOM HOFE WAFFEN und MUNITION. He then produced his own rifles for use with his own custom designed ammunition (produced by DWM) and the 5.6x61 and its rimmed counterpart were commercially introduced.

In the c1939-1941 period due to the lack of success with the long case belted 7x73, vom Hofe worked on a shorter rimless 7x67 Vom Hofe Super Express (see W85) and also evidently a 7x75R (see W97). However WW2 intervened and such sporting cartridge development was suspended by DWM in 1942.

All Vom Hofe calibres were unique case types being based on modifying already existing case types. Vom Hofe did continue to collaborate with Brenneke during the 30s and correspondence between the two exists up to 1942 but by then their relationship was strained.

Vom Hofe died in 1945 and in 1955 Walter Gehmann of Karlsruhe took over the Vom Hofe tradename. Gehmann reintroduced the Vom Hofe rifles and 5.6mm Vom Hofe calibres but didn

Further to the last post - here is some information on Walter Gehmann:

Walter Gehmann (b1912), a famous Shooting champion, was an employee of DWM in the late 30s and early 40s. During that period, some of the experimentals leading to the 7x75R vom Hofe (W31) and 7x66 vom Hofe (W30) have been attributed to Gehmann but this has been questioned by Heinz Held. Cartridges that Rosenberger stated that Gehmann is supposed to have designed were:

7.62x73 Gehmann Maximum : Based on the 404 Jeffery case type (late 1930s) NKS : It has been speculated that this may be DWM case #599 (8x73S) but this case is considered by some to be a Miller & Greiss design. See W1.

7.6x66 Gehmann Maximum : aka 7.62x66 Maximum DWM case #603: Based on the 404 Jeffery case type (1941) NKS. See W98.

7x66 Gehmann Maximum : Necked down 7.6x66 also based on 404 Jeffery c1941/42. See W85.

After WW2, Walter Gehamnn founded GEHMANN GmbH & Co KG in Karlsruhe in 1949. Ernst vom Hofe had died in 1945 and Gehmann eventually took over the “Vom Hofe” tradename/company in 1955. He initially began marketing rifles and ammunition for the 5.6x61 (W27) and 5.6x61R (W28) vom Hofe calibres but the 7x73 vom Hofe (W29) was never re-introduced after WW2.

Gehmann also completed the 7x66 ‘vom Hofe’ with final dimensions differing from the original Brenneke design (using IWK manufacture with Gehmann hs). The first commercial introduction of the 7x66 was carried out controversially either late 1955 or 1956 (see W85). Shortly afterwards c1958 he commercially introduced the 7x75R (see W31).

Gehmann carried out a number of experiments in the 50s using the 7x66 case and likely the 7x75R case. The 6x66 Super Express was one of these experiments but was never manufactured commercially.

From 1962, Stoeger Arms acted as the US dealer for “vom Hofe” rifles and ammunition.

WBD–Thanks for the super answer. I’ll dig out the Vom Hofe with “M M” date code tomorrow and scan it for you.

Ron -
After WWI, several German ammunition designers concentrated on high velocity hunting cartridges. Among these designers were Wilhelm Brenneke and Halbe and Gerlich who created the HALGER cartridges.

Ernst August Vom Hofe was an assistant of Herman Gerlich and worked with Brenneke. Vom Hofe and Richard Schienmann formed the Hofmann Waffen and Munition (Berlin) company building rifles for their own proprietary cartridges in the early 1930’s. In 1935, Vom Hofe formed his own company, Vom Hofe Waffen and Munition producing his own rilfes with ammunition produced by DWM. He died in 1945 and in 1956, Walter Gehmann took over the company. DWM continued to produce ammunition until 1972 when Norma starting making their ammunition.

If you have ever shot competition smallbore, you should be familiar with the the name of Walter Gehmann. He was a world class marksman and produces a line of well known smallbore shooting accessories. Last I heard in 2004, he was 90 and still went to the office.

I know of four cartridges -
5.6 61 and 5.6 x 61R Vom Hofe Super Express
7 x 66 VH Super Express
7 x 73 VH SE originally called 7mm Super Express Hofmann
7 x 75R VH SE

As I mentioned, DWM, Norma, and Wolfgang Remy made Vom Hofe ammunition. Yours are DWM with DWM date codes -
M M - 1934
K T - after 1968 (There is some confusion with the K series codes)

As I reviewed my post, I see that WBD submitted a wonderful description of the Vom Hofe history.

There is also 9.5x66 SE


The 6.5 x 68 was also avaiable in vom hoffe rifles,so this caliber is sometimes reffered as “6.5 vom hofe”,but it isn’t a vom hofe developement.


Excellent answers WBD. Anybody would think you know a little bit about metric cartridges. Maybe even written the occassional book on the subject :)
Good on ya Brad, you never know when youre going to bump into another fellow Kiwi :)

I knew that norma made Vom hofe ammo,but on my 7 x 66 box is written “hirtemberger patronenfabrik”,so I think that these cartridges were made by DWM,norma and hirtemberger too


Pivi, thanks for your information.

I had heard that Hirtenberger had produced 7x66 and 7x75R vom Hofe but had no proof as I never saw these in a HP list. Can you tell me what headstamp was used on those 7x66 Hirtenberger cartridges ?


I found the empty box with 10 just fired cases headstamped:

W. Gehmann v. Hofe 7x66 S.E.

I have also other VH samples: 5.6 x 61,5.6 x 61R,7 x 66 and 7x75R that are headstamped with the date code letters:KT,KU,FF,KV,KK.I think they were made by norma or DWM


This is the box with a cartridge made by DWM (KV headstamp)


Pivi - those date codes were only used by DWM, Norma did have a hs code series but this was only used on 6.5x55.

Regarding your 5.6 x 61,5.6 x 61R,7 x 66 and 7x75R that are headstamped with the date code letters:KT,KU,FF,KV,KK, can you be specific regarding which code was used with case ?

I know of the following vom Hofe with those codes:

vom Hofe K T 5.6mm Super Expr. (5.6x61R)
W.Gehmann K T 7x75R Sup.Expr.

vom Hofe K U 5.6 SuperExpr (5.6x61)
vom Hofe K U 7mm Super Expr (7x66)

vom Hofe F F 5.6 SUPER EXPR. (5.6x61)

vom Hofe K V 7mm Super Expr (7x66)

vom Hofe K K 5.6mm Sup. Expr. (5.6x61R)
vom Hofe K K 5.6mm SUP.EXPR. (5.6x61)

These are my headstamps made by DWM:

7 x 66 KV KU
5,6 x 61 FF
5.6 x 61R KK
7 x 75R KT

I have another 5.6 x 61 sample,but I can’t check it out because I’m not at home.When I will be back I will post the other hds