Vostok .22 LR carton

I remember these being of questionable quality. They had black lead greasy bullets and grey iron cases with no headstamp, and the case had a heavy casemouth crimp.


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About this ammo, they were sold in France, for a short time, together with other 22 short and LR Russian brands, in the early 70 -ies, in some discount department stores ( especially ‘METRO’, for the French and German members).

They were of dreadfully bad quality, especially the steel-cased ones like those featured on the picture. Load was irregular, as firing. Most of time due this damned too strong load, the fired cases used to stick in the barrel chambers of my S&W K22, so I decided to get frid of the bunch n order to avoid ruining the gun!

I still actually wonder who did get the funny idea to import this mess, certainly not a shooter…!

They were commercialised to very low dumping prices in 500 rounds glued cream paper packets. I think I may have kept some in a corner of my cellar, just for fun, but would never dare to try them again!



These Vostok in .22 short were manufactured in 1974. I shot a lot, and it never happened to one of them to failure!

Those steel cased examles were pretty poor. BUT CHEAP / inexpensive.