VPT 38 .303 British


I was so accustomed to equate VPT and 7.62x54R that when I got this round in my hand and saw “VPT 38”, I almost put it in with my Russian rounds. Then the rim felt funny for a Mosin-Nagant, so I looked and measured. To my surprise it is a .303 British loaded with a soft nose hunting bullet. I did not think Finns had time for this in 1938. Anyone to explain?


This is a reload. The Finns had some British equipment - older planes such as the Gloucester Gladiator in particular - armed with .303 caliber MGs. They produced ammunition for these weapons and of course once the Red Army struck, they pressed everything they could find into service in their heroically courageous defense of their nation. These loadings were of course FMJ; somebody - either an importer or private party - replaced that bullet with the SP you have in your round.



Think these were marketed by Interarms, here in the US