VPT 7.62x54r Powder .

I recently pulled down about 600 rounds of VPT 7.62x54r ammo from 1932-1942 that was damaged. It was all loaded with a cut flake type of powder.

Does anyone know a comparable type of commercial powder or any specs on the powder that they used in this cartridge in Finland around that period?

thanks in advance,

It may look as one type of powder, but you cannot assume anything about powder taken from several lots of cartridges (in this case even distributed over many years). In addition, the age of the powder and storage conditions may have resulted in uncontrollable changes of its properties. Ammunition manufacturers work with powders that are way more variable from lot to lot than those sold for reloading purposes. They have the pressure measuring equipment to find out a usable load for each lot. Cartridges from different lots will contain different charge weights to give the required ballistics.
The safest thing is to get rid of this old powder and reload your cartridges with a modern one, using load data from the manufacturer. Make sure that all bullets have the same weight.
An additional problem is that the primers will be corrosive and very probably give a disturbing number of duds. The best way to avoid considerable frustration in my view is to reuse only the bullets. (assuming there are no tracers or other special types)