VR powder?


Hi again.
What dose “VR Powder” stand for?
I want to get information about VR Powder.
Thank alot for your helping before.

I think this is italy ammo.

What is the source for what you’ve photocopied here? Also, are you doing a study on several powders, or just the two you’ve asked about? If you’re doing it on several, I have a spreadsheet that you will find extremely helpful.

1- it was in ammo box.package list.
2-I am studing in all ammunition branch and all powders.
3- if you can help me and send me I will be thankful.
Thanks alot.

I’ve never heard of VR Powder. However, if you send me your personal email name, I’ll send you a spreadsheet that I’ve made up. It lists every powder I’ve ever heard of, plus, for most of them, where the information came from. The original intention of the spreadsheet was to list what powders are compatible with which cartridges. I’ve never gotten it done, but it’s huge and you will certainly find it useful.

R. Theron Cammer

Theron, as this here is artillery propellant I wonder if there is a comparison spreadsheet.

Is that what VR Powder is?

Hi Theron.
I sent an e-mail you.

I don’t have any information about this VR powder. I may have it in some reference work but I moved last year and haven’t gotten to shelving those books yet.

I also don’t know anything specifically about artillery propellants although, again, if I do have anything on it, it would be in those same books. When I unpack those I’ll keep my eye out for them.

What I do have is an extensive list of current and obsolete gunpowders and that’s what I sent to Yaserdoma. It is cross-referenced so that you can see what kind of cartridges a particular powder is used for. If you’d like a copy of it (it’s a very large spreadsheet), just send me your personal email address.

Theron, thanks a lot for the kind offer but I am very little into propellant types.
Though I do care much for eastern manufacturers.