VULPES shotshells

I have three bases found with a metal detector in Australia. I guess they are from the inter-war years? I strayed from the LEPUS query when I mentioned this brand but the headstamps are similar and show why I think they are Belgian made.
All have 5mm low brass bases.
The single photo has the odd anvil primer, the pair have the larger type primers.
VULPES is the genus for foxes.
I had not looked at these detector finds for years until the recent posts.

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I wonder, how long ago did “Bruxelles” become “Brusseles”, (although both names are still used, and I might not be asking the right question…), as to dating the cartridges?

Hi Ron,
Thank you very much for showing these finds.
I checked Errol Tucker’s book but he didn’t put it in his books. Unless I didn’t look good enough.

Do you have any information about them?

Regards rené

You have all my information in the posting. Nothing else known.
It is not in Errol Tucker or Ken Mitchell’s book on Australian Shotshells because there is
no known connection to a company as an importer or trade brand for an Australian company. Classed as an imported shell till research proves otherwise. Ron.

`thank you!!

“I wonder, how long ago did “Bruxelles” become “Brusseles”, (although both names are still used, and I might not be asking the right question…), as to dating the cartridges?”

Where have you seen the word Brusseles ??

Hi jp,
Since Belgium has two languages, the Dutch name is Brussel!
Items coming from Brussel, are indicated as Brussels …
This is the only I can think of.
On headstamps I cannot think of any having Brussels or brusseles.

Just my thoughts.

it is exactly what I knew.
Firstly it can be Brussel (s) and not Brusseles
Secondly me too I have never seen that on an hstp or a ctge tube.
It is because of that I asked to Badgerjack where he has seen that (perhaps he did an typo error ?)

O.K., JP, Brussels, happy?
So, it is oobviouss I cannot type well when it gets late, and I AM Old!

I asked you that because from your sentence (“as to dating the ctges”) I thought you have seen this word on a shell.
Indeed it could be possible (old imitation, aso)

Actually, I have seen photos of the headstamp, but not the actual cartridge, if memoey serves [yea, right!].
I was wondering if when they stopped using that headstamp could help date the cartridge, or when they went out of business for a final date of manufacture.

I did mention I might not be asking the right question.

I am attempting to remember where I saw it [good luck!] and looking for the image I likely would have saved [on half a dozen external hard drives].

I found references to ‘BRUXELLES’ on a headstamp in one of digital “notebooks”, but no notes as to where I found them, and no reference to “VULPES”:

  • Charles Fusnot/CH. Fusenot, Fabrique de Balles et Cartouches, BRUXXELS- no picture
  • A, Francotte, BRUXXELS- no picture
  • Ad. Jansen, BRUXXELS- no picture
  • J. Deussen, BRUXXELS- no picture
  • Mahillon, BRUXXELS- no picture
  • Paul Schraff, BRUXXELS- no picture

Louis Bachmann de Anderlecht BRUXXELS- one picture

L. Christope, Eley, BRUXXELS- one picture

Maybe, IF I could find my 1950s’ copy of “Cartridges for Collectors” by Fred Datig, it might be there?


  1. here are the hstps I have which contain the name Bruxelles
    12 Bachmann 12 Bruxelles

No Bachmann 12 Bruxelles

No L.Bachmann 12 Bruxelles

12 L.Christophe 12 Bruxelles

No L.Christophe 12 Bruxelles

12 • S * F * M • 12 Bruxelles

12 J. Deussen 12 Bruxelles

12 Ad Jansen 12 Bruxelles

12 Fusnot 12 Bruxelles

12 Ch. Fusnot 12 Bruxelles

No Ch. Fusnot 12 Bruxelles

. H. Mahillon . Bruxelles. No 12 Eley

12 S * F * M 12 Bruxelles

  1. I would be interested to see the hstp of Ste AME


I cannot find the file [on this comuter?] and need to look at my hard drives,
and the other computer- problem with having 2 computers and half a dozen
hard drives!
I am not sure if (1) I forgot to post it, or (2) I forgot to mark it as no picture,
but I will check and let you klnow.

This is beyond me, but I went looking. In “Cartridge headstamp Guide”, White & Munhall, #1734 Hs has Ste ANONYME . BRUXELLES . “Belgium Manufacturer unknown but Bruxelles is the Belgian name for the city of Brussels. On 9mm Galand revolver …”

Hogg’s “The Cartridge Guide” , #1836 lists Ste Ame Societe Anonyme des Cartouches, Brussels, Belgium. Pre-1900." But the headstamp is not pictured for #1836.

Curtis, Cartridge-Corner has a drawing under Pin Fire, Belgium. HS: Ste Ame Bruxelles

I found nothing in either book under Vulpes.
Hope it’s some help.

I found the hstp Ste Anonyme Bruxelles on a Belgian nagant ctge

The hstp shown on the Cartrige-Corner website is Ste Ame Bruxelles

Ame is the in french the abbreviation of Anonyme when we have not enough room to writte the entire name

Therefore I think this hstp is for a revolver ctge, not for a shotshell which has a bigger space.


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I have found a VULPES primer tin but missed buying it.
I will send a photo when available.
This brand is interesting to have branded primer tins as well as shotshells.

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Do you not contradict yourself? The image of a Nagant cartridge, with the entire name spelled out, IS a handgun cartridge, yes?
The abreviated “STE AME, BRUXXELS” headstamp I am fairly certain I remember seeing was on a 12ga or 16 ga shotshell.
I just wish I could remember where I PUT the record/reference.

  1. “The image of a Nagant cartridge, with the entire name spelled out, IS a handgun cartridge, yes?”
    Yes. Small space and full word.

On a shotshell, with an even bigger space, I see no reason to use an abbrviation.

The only ctge in my opinion where an abbreviation is needed is one with less space than a 9 mm Belgian nagant., like a PF ctge.

It is what I meaned.

  1. We can also have of course a shotshell wiyh very big letters for the htsp but I don’t think.

  2. Are you sure you didn’t see this hstp on a shotshell on the Cartridgecorner website ??


Right now I am not sure of pretty much anything…
I was sure I had a photo that headstamp, but now, not so much.
So many cartridges- and images of- and soooo little sleep.

It has taken 5 months but thanks to fellow ACCA member S.Baumer he has supplied the green cased VULPES shotshell and the primer tin that was found. We still do not know if this shotshell has any connection to an Australian company. Ron.

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