W. Gehmann/V Hofe 7 x 66 SE

Now this has me puzzled! looking at the projectile, firstly I am assuming it is not seated correctly but mainly the odd shape, any information please?


Because next to it is this one,



Mike, top cartridge is loaded with a Stopring 11 g (170 gr) and the lower one with a Nosler 7,8 or 9 g (120 or 140 gr) bullet.



Thank you Fede, not my thing at all but I am really enjoying going through all this stuff with my mate. Most I do know but some does have me fooled, learning a lot at the moment.


Another thing to note is that the headstamp on these two are different. My understanding is that the first one is by Norma c1973-1983 and the second with the bigger gap between the “W.” and “Gehmann” as well as a different shape “7” is by Hirtenberger c1983-1992.

However, I haven’t (as yet) seen the same variation in the 5.6x61 or 7x75R which were also produced by both companies and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the other way round.