W.r.a. 1942 303

Need help with identifying cartridge. It is semi-rimmed bottelnecked centerfire boxer primer. Case mouth is not crimped no bullet unfired case. primer looks brass four bar crimp. Headstamp W.R.A. 1942 top 303 bottom. Neck .289 - shoulder .416 - rim .472 +or - 3 , case 2.014 - case mouth .261 - head .455. looks like 6.5 Arisaka not 303 british. I know WRA had contract for 303 British ammo 1941 - 1949 but this is ???

Any chance of a photo of the round and headstamp


Somebody’s wildcat, or use of a modified GI case for a hard to find cartridge??

Lathe Turned and Full length sized 6,5 Japanese case., Apart from “handloading topics” this is How I used to make 6,5 Japanese cases back in the Late 1960s, when Norma factory 6,5 cases were available, but too expensive. I used a Emco-mat Mini Lathe…made very good, fit the chamber, cases (no bulging on firing, as the Min.Tolerance Norma cases did. I used Canadian DI Z 42 and 43 cases, Better Brass, and more readily available (also, “New”); WRA cases were usually poorer quality.

Doc AV.

I think you solved it the W.R.A are stamped on the very edge of the rim, top of W R are missing. someone did a nice job can not see any lathe marks, it is the only think that makes since thanks