W.R.A. headstamp with and without star

I was checking some .30US ammunition today, and noticed I have a few W.R.A. 44 with a star in the headstamp, and some without a star. Is there any difference with these round?

If you talking about the .30 M1 Carbine I think it has to do with the case forming process. But exactly what I can’t say.
I do know in other Winchester / Olin case types in different era’s a star was an indicator of that.
In Vol. 2, pg. 47 Hackley notes the star in the headstamp, but not the reason for it.

Yes, sorry for being unpresice, it’s the .30 M1 Carbine. Thanks for your reply.

On page 42 of HWS Volume 2, this is the reason for the star. “During the 1944-1945 period the method of drawing the brass cartridge case was changed by Winchester from the New Haven procedure to the East Alton plant layout.To identify the change in manufactre a star was added to the headstamp.”

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Nice, thanks Vidar