W.R.A. Protector


I have a cartridge that I can’t find in any of my books. It’s a: Rimmed center fire, Headstamp, W.R.A. Protector, Bullet Dia .295, Case length .363
Anyone know what it is? Thanks!!!


The 32 Protector is shown in my July, 1892 WRA Co. catalog, but not in the 1911 catalog. Unfortunately, I have a few gaps in my reference material! It was for the Minneapolis Firearms Company Protector Pistol. The Chicago Palm (Protector?) Pistol is either a copy, or the one that Minneapolis copied. I am not sure. The load was a 40 grain bullet, 4 grains of black powder, and a No. 1 primer. It was also the only ‘pistol sized’ cartridge where bullets and cases were not available as separate components! The 1893 version of the 22 Long Rifle had a 40 grain bullet with 5 grains of black powder!